The Libby Legal Defense Trust was formed to help defray the legal defense costs for Lewis "Scooter" Libby and his family against the recent legal charges brought against him. 

Scooter has pled "not guilty” to each and every count in the recent indictment.  In pleading not guilty, Scooter has declared his innocence and his intention to fight the charges in the indictment.  But good lawyers are very expensive.  And Scooter and his family already have made many sacrifices during Scooter’s ten years of dedicated public service.  Now they need our help to win this fight. 

We are confident that at the end of this process, Scooter Libby will be fully exonerated.  Our Constitution guarantees Scooter a presumption of innocence.  We invite you to join Scooter’s many friends and colleagues in supporting the defense of this good man in clearing his good name.

All money collected will be deposited with the Trustee of the Legal Defense Trust and will be disbursed, over time, to the legal team representing Scooter for professional services as the services are performed. 

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If you would like to contribute by check, please make checks payable to Libby Legal Defense Trust and mail them to:

Libby Legal Defense Trust
2100 M Street, NW, Suite 170-362
Washington, DC 20037-1233

There are no contribution limits and contributions are not tax deductible. Contributors to the Trust should consult their own tax advisors regarding any potential gift tax consequences.

Trustee: G. Michael Green, Esq.

Fundraising Coordinator: Stacey Lukens

"He’s cared much more about trying to do a job than trying to get visibility for himself.  He’s approached his job with the sense that his role is basically to support others."
Former Ambassador Dennis Ross (U.S. envoy to the Middle East during the Clinton Administration)

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